Since 1969, weaves of threads whose roots go back to a noble past …

Emi maglia’s hystory is not any story. Their noble roots sink into a unique and unrepeatable italian context, montagnana, magnificient venetian medieval stronghold still untouched. Centuries ago, knowledgeable hands used to weave plies of pure wool to create dresses of great asset and lithe metallic threads to produce sturdy armors.

Emi Maglia have managed to add other needful ingredients to this noble heritage, such as a more advanced technology, impeccable organization, the best italian design, the most careful sourcing in terms of raw materials and quality.

Emi Maglia have so become protagonist of international relevance in terms of production and marketing of knitwear for both men and ladies. A whole presence throughout the industrial chain, a production capacity that only few companies in the world can claim.

There is some sort of “magic” ingredient behind the success of this italian company. Never forget where you come from, passion becoming a lifetime job, from one generation to the next, involving the whole team, from founders to managers and all employees.

This is why Emi Maglia can defined itself a true group.

Emi Maglia s.p.a.
Sede e Stabilimento/Headquarters:
Via Luppia S. Zeno, 21 | 35044 Montagnana (PD)
Tel. (+39) 0429 806511 | email:

Partita IVA 01009510288